Archive Entertainment, the developers known for the game 8BitMMO, have released a new title called March of Industry. The premise behind the game is to create a factory set-up that will bring in the most money.

It’s a pretty straight-forward premise. It boasts interesting features such as crafting weapons and huge factories, which, is entirely true. There’s even workshop support on steam, which adds mod capability to expand the offering even further.

What the game comes down to, is a simplistic “drag and drop” to set up your factory in a room. You buy a machine that takes resources (purchased from a panel on the side of the screen.) Using this machine, you convert resources and materials into new resources, materials, or weapons. You’re able to sell weapons for profit, and that’s the entirety of the game. You place resources on conveyor belts, in order to get the resources to the machines even faster. The progression is to unlock more resources to make more weapons. If you’ve ever played any of those “combine elements to make new elements” games, which are usually flash games in the browser, and free to play, you’ll be familiar with the format.

At some point, it seems as though this game was supposed to be a free-to-play model with microtransactions, but the developers decided to alter it (based on community feedback) to a single-pay model. The problem, is that the “buy it once” model, is $9.99 for a game that could essentially be a free browser game. I could understand paying $0.99 for this game on steam, or maybe $2.99 and then picking it up on sale, but asking $9.99 is a bit outrageous.

Now, the game has a decent art style. The sounds aren’t half-bad either. The sounds do get monotonous though.

But I can’t recommend this game. The only hope for it being any fun, is the mod community. At any price above $0.99, you’ll be wasting your money on this title. There’s far more fun to be had on the internet, and on steam, for free. This title is too outrageously priced for what is essentially a non-game.

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