As of today, League of Legends players in certain regions may experience high latency and laggy connections while playing.

Riot announced early today they have installed the necessary hardware in areas of the US to utilize their new special direct network that aims to kill lag in games.

This network is a direct network used exclusively for League of Legends games, and hopes to improve all player connections resulting in lower ping, less network packet loss, and fewer disconnects.

Riot reports most of the eastern USA is now on this new network.

“As a general note, players in these [the eastern seaboard] likely won’t feel much of a difference in their ping since it’s an ongoing process to work with local ISP offices to route their League data to the closest PoP. Even then, we’re seeing at best a 10% reduction in ping in the most positive cases.

What players near these PoPs WILL experience is less packet loss and a more stable connection, since their data isn’t hopping across every internet exchange between them and the game servers, instead now following a direct path along our dedicated network.

Ok, that sounds neat, what’s the catch?

Bringing a PoP online doesn’t work perfectly for everyone at the get-go. It’s the start of an ongoing process as we work with partnered ISPs to make sure they’re efficiently handing off your data to our network. Lots of this is handled by algorithms, which can sometimes go a little wonky when we introduce new PoPs.

If you discover your connection actually gets markedly worse, don’t panic! Inform both your ISP customer support as well as Between the two of us, we should be able to figure out what’s happening to your data and get things running smoothly.

As a helpful reminder, it’s always a good idea to double check your own connection at home before investigating issues with your ISP. For some players, seemingly innocent things like router location or playing on wifi can have big ping implications. More connection troubleshooting info can be found on the Riot support site.”


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