Master of Orion is another step closer to launch as WG Labs announces the availability of the Collector’s Edition offering to all who purchase. As of today, explorers can “Conquer the Stars” with six playable races, battle against friends in multiplayer or opponents and test their mettle in .

Early Access puts players first in line to experience all of Master of Orion’s iconic 4X gameplay and more. Six diverse races—Mrrshan, Psilon, Bulrathi, Alkari, Human, Sakkra—will be the first races to battle for supremacy of the galaxy, with more to arrive in the near future. There are many paths to victory for explorers in their quest for Orion, such as “Diplomatic”, “Conquest” and “Excellence”, and more on the horizon.

Multiplayer is a big part of the Early Access package. Explorers can lay down the gauntlet to friends across the world and challenge them to a campaign or embark on their own road to galactic conquest against AI races. Real-time Tactical Battles add a new, immersive dynamic to Master of Orion, letting players take their own, custom-designed fleets to war, where they must use every trick and tactic at their disposal to claim victory.

The launch of the Master of Orion grants players the three original Master of Orion titles. Upon the game’s final release later in 2016, a detailed digital art book, soundtrack by original Master of Orion composer, retro pixel ships, and an exclusive race for Collector’s Edition holders: the become available
To discover more about the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition and start conquering the stars, visit the official Steam and portals:

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