With the deepest character customization of any game currently on the market, Black Desert Online allows for unprecedented detail in character creation. Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world, and extensive lore will enthrall both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs.

Travel through the lands in search of treasure and adventure or become one of the top craftsmen in the land. Set up trade routes and breed horses or compete against other guilds in epic siege warfare.

Black Desert Online adventurers will be in for a treat when they play the game this summer. On top of the existing Attendance Rewards (i.e. Rookie, Loyal), the Burning Attendance Reward and Guild Attendance Reward have been added to Black Desert Online from this week’s maintenance.

The Burning Attendance Event period will start after this week’s maintenance and ends on September 7. Adventurers will be instantly rewarded with different items with each daily login. Other helpful items can be earned throughout the event period, including Shakatu’s Seals, Advice of Valks, Fine Accessory Box, and much more.

There is a new Accessory Set to be released along with the event: The Asula’s Crimson Eye Set will include Necklace, Belt, Earrings, and Ring. The Set cannot be upgraded with Enhancement and will not registrable onto Marketplace. Even with that stated, it is the highest-level spec Accessory Set available to adventurers if considering its non-Enhanced nature.

Each piece of the Accessory Set can be obtained at the grinding areas in Mediah: Necklace at Abandoned Iron Mine, Belt at Elric Shrine, and Ring/Earrings at Helms Post. Despite its downside of Enhancement-unavailability, Asula’s Crimson Eye Set can be a great choice for adventurers who just recently started to collect quality items or ones who need a quicker way to nurture their secondary characters.

There is another new event named “World Travel with Rulupee for 14 days.” You can travel all over the world of Black Desert with Rulupee, the finest guide; Items, Knowledge, Energy, and Old Moon Guild Gifts are thrown in throughout the event. Get a pre-quest from the Black Spirit and go find Rulupee at the Altinova Inn. The event will be available from August 19 to September 3.

Key Features

  • A beautifully designed open world that’s as expansive as it is alive
  • Heart-pounding skill-based combat
  • Unprecedented character customization with incredible detail
  • Crisp next-generation graphics
  • Extensive open world PvP modes (Arena mode, guild vs guild, node wars, castle siege, and more)
  • Engaging story with deep lore and epic quests
  • Unique farming system – grow and perfect your crops
  • A personalized stable – catch, tame, and breed wild horses
  • Deep crafting, housing, fishing, hunting, and alchemy systems
  • Intuitive action gameplay complete with gamepad support

Get a free 7-day trial for Black Desert Online here.

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