Sketch Tales is an Action/RPG Sandbox game where your drawings come to life. The game is set in a black-and-white world where all the colors had been stolen by a supervillain warlock. The player is to find the colors and give them back to the locals. But while on his story-driven escapades, the player can easily take a stop to… change the world by filling it with his own fantasies!

For example, you could draw a monster within mere seconds and get him instantly live in the game. The player can create various constructions using multiple forms, building materials and items found in the game. All that, coupled with realistic physics effects and advanced character AI allows bringing any ideas to life and changing the game world as far as the player’s imagination could take him.

Key Features:
·         Total freedom of action: create your own character to be a hero, a wanderer, a creator, a slaughterer or someone else.
·         Fight numerous enemy types using various weapons and battle magic, chase and escape, avoid deadly traps and magic anomalies.
·         Communicate and trade with NPCs, accomplish quests. AI life simulation system.
·         Huge game world. Create and build your own ones.
·         Realistic physics: destructible objects, impact by forces of nature etc.
·         Share your characters, monsters, items or entire worlds with friends.
·         Play solo or multiplayer with your friends. The game is supported on various devices.

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