Space Orange Studios new 4-player split-screen multiplayer combat game Nova Nukers is now on Greenlight and looking for players’ help to be brought to Steam.

Destroy your friends on the ever-evolving miniature planets of Nova Nukers! Use a variety of weapons, grenades, and items that run from bizarre to chaotic, take down your enemies and  devastate the planet around you to claim victory in Space Orange Studios’ upcoming arena-shooter.

Up to 4-players can dish out destruction in Nova Nukers split-screen multiplayer combat. Choose from an array of characters and costumes to take out your decked-out pals in fashionable form.

Utilizing weapons from a bomb laying robot chicken to a “Sharkzooka,” Nova Nukers supplies the appropriate amount of craziness to your everyday weaponry and planned destruction.

Catching your opponent in Nova Nukers is integral to victory, and pulls on both players to use their dexterity and skill to outwit the other in a near-death duel. Elimination isn’t the end either, as players can enact revenge with orbital lasers to help add to the battle unfolding.

With a completely destructible playfield, players can use their environment to take down fellow combatants in more than a few ways. Unearth the planet’s molten core by blowing craters wide enough for a deadly pitfall or incinerate strategically placed defense mounds; Nova Nukers lets you fulfill your destructive dreams and constantly changes because of it!

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