Build your team from a colorful roster of wild characters, including fierce punks, mutated wizards and steampunk knights, each with their own unique set of abilities and skills, and then duel it out in thrilling 15-minute matches.

Insidia puts to the test your strategy skills as you face off with your opponents in intense online PvP matches to dominate and counter their moves within the game map. Choose your team of four powerful champions and develop their skills in fights to secure critical objects. Once a base is vulnerable, a hero can sabotage it to achieve victory through a spectacular explosion and gain outright victory.

Independent developer Bad Seed announced that its free-to-play multiplayer post-apocalyptic strategy game Insidia will be launching on Steam Early Access on September 7th.

Insidia allows for some devious strategy and cunning tactics in online PvP. The quick game sessions mean that players need to think fast and commit to their tactical decisions”, said Gianpaolo Greco, Producer of Bad Seed. “We are really excited that  Insidia will be at Gamescom in Cologne this year, giving visitors an opportunity to try the game out for themselves before the Open Beta.”

Gamescom visitors will have a chance to battle test the intense turn-based matches ahead of its Early Access launch in Exhibition Hall 10 at the Koelnmesse from Wednesday 23rd August through Saturday 26th August.

Carefully thought-out moves and a well-chosen team with the right abilities is essential to become victorious. Different strategies must be brought into play in Tactical Mode, where opponents plan their strategies simultaneously in a timed match, and Resolution Mode, where they execute strategies one after another, reacting to the opponent’s moves.

Insidia will ultimately provide players with 12 different champions to choose from and aims to launch with 36 different skins and multiple maps. The Early Access launch will initially offer six champions with a further two to be unlocked during the first phase of release.

Insidia is setting its sights on eSports later in the year andwill be the first indie game to come to FACEIT’s eSports platform after full release in late 2017.

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