“A proper story’s supposed to start at the beginning. It ain’t so simple with this one.” “The world got all twisted,” continues the voice, “leaving him stranded on a rock in the sky.” The narration reflects what’s happening on the screen: a white-haired boy lies on a piece of debris, surrounded by the nothingness of space. Not much happens; The […]

Axiom Verge

It is incredibly rare to find a game so nostalgic and yet so refreshingly new at the same time. Axiom Verge is just that. We first got to see Axiom Verge a few weeks ago up in Boston at PAX East 2015. I was able to get hand’s on with the game and talk to the man behind it all, […]


There is something special about Bloodborne. From Software’s latest title, exclusive to the PlayStation 4, is undoubtedly the best game of the year. Sublime in its architecture and engaging in its game design, Bloodborneis an atmospheric journey that is destined to leave a lasting impression on all who spend the time exploring its Gothic setting. Any discussion of Bloodborne is […]


Helldivers is a fun isometric shooter that’s bigger in scope than it first appears – especially if, like me, you accidentally let your PlayStation Plus subscription lapse awaiting a deal that never eventuated and begin playing offline. That’s because Helldivers takes place in a persistent online world in which players’ results influence the shared universe. So playing offline is somewhat pointless. […]