Rebel Galaxy

It’s been a long time since I’ve spent any longer than an hour with a space sim. For that matter, I’m really just referring to a game where you primarily control a ship and do all sorts of spaceship things: Destroy this, plunder that, upgrade this, escort that. Many might think of the X3 games as the most recent and popular […]


When I was first presented with the opportunity to cover Brigador, I’ll admit, I had no clue what it was. I did a little bit of research and discovered the upcoming game, being developed a group of four guys under the name ‘Stellar Jockeys‘, striven to be a isometric hybrid of ‘Syndicate‘ and ‘Mechwarrior‘. After reading that I was determined […]

Blood Bowl

I’ll admit, I was late to the party when it came to playing the original Blood Bowl game. In fact, many years late. That being said, once I finally joined the party, I had an absolute blast with the game. For those who haven’t played the original or the sequel, the premise is simple enough: Build a team of Warhammer-Universe ‘American […]


From the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Decent, Frictional Games has brought us an intriguing new psychological thriller game about consciousness and identity: SOMA. This review will contain mild spoilers of what happens at the beginning of the game. If you do not know what happens in the first 30 minutes of SOMA, and do not want to know, I’d recommend checking back […]

Cards and Castles (Early Access)

Cards and Castles is a newly early-access launched Collectible Card Game and grid-based strategy game developed by Bit Mass, LLC. For anyone familiar with Scrolls from Mojang, I feel that Cards and Castles is quite similar while definitely stands on its own as a unique Collectible Card Game with a grid-based strategy system. Sadly, Mojang’s Scrolls is no longer getting updates and is essentially […]


Dropsy. The name itself doesn’t quite reveal anything about the game; other than the fact that it’s the name of our protagonist, a very elastic semi-scary clown who wants to hug the world and everyone in it. In a surprisingly very non-creepy way. It’s more like Dropsy is a nice old lady who just wants to give you a hug because she loves […]

Otherland (Early Access)

Otherland is an ambitious MMO developed by Polish developers Drago Entertainment. Developed in the Unreal engine, Otherland boasts a lore-rich environment from the creative mind of Tad Williams, a highly acclaimed novelist. The world itself is based on a virtual reality concept and offers a variety of entirely different worlds. For example, one is based on a lively ecosystem with large insects, while another is a more […]

Legends of Eisenwald

Turn based Role Playing Games (RPGs) are potentially one of the toughest nuts to crack within the world of gaming. Aterdux Entertainment have decided to take up the mantle and boy have they done an outstanding job! When you first begin playing Legends Of Eisenwald, the very first thing that grabs you is the truly stunning world that you spawn […]

Victor Vran

In a distant land, those seeking glory came from far and wide to bring their own personal brand of justice to a seemingly endless hoard of monsters. Compelled forward by the promise of riches or desire to be revered these hunters came and fell. The task of cleansing evil-doers from this kingdom now falls to Victor Vran, a demon hunter […]


Burrito Studio’s first foray into video games, Highlands, is a story-rich PC exclusive with beautiful hand-drawn art and a element of strategy mixed with resource management and RPG features. Originally Kickstarted just under under seven months ago, Highlands has managed to create a ton of interest with its unique title. Highlands puts players in the role of the noble family of Arislaan. […]