The Legend of Heroes is an extremely long-running and often-translated franchise. The first English release, The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion came out for the PSP in the 2000s, and we’ve gotten many games in the series since then.

Rebel Galaxy Review

Rebel Galaxy is a ambitious new space sim from Double Damage that aims to shake things up in the genre, and has set a new bar for my enjoyment of space sims.

Brigador Review

I was determined to jump into Brigador without any further knowledge of the game and see how much fun I had, and let me tell you; I had a ton of fun.

Blood Bowl 2 Review

I’ll admit, I was late to the party when it came to playing the original Blood Bowl game. In fact, many years late. That being said, once I finally joined the party, I had an absolute blast with the game. For those who haven’t played the original or the sequel, the premise is simple enough: Build a team of Warhammer-Universe ‘American […]

SOMA Review

From the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Decent, Frictional Games has brought us an intriguing new psychological thriller game about consciousness and identity: SOMA.  

Cards and Castles Review

Cards and Castles is a newly early-access launched Collectible Card Game and grid-based strategy game developed by Bit Mass, LLC. For anyone familiar with Scrolls from Mojang, I feel that Cards and Castles is quite similar while definitely stands on its own as a unique Collectible Card Game with a grid-based strategy system.

Dropsy Review

Dropsy. The name itself doesn’t quite reveal anything about the game; other than the fact that it’s the name of our protagonist, a very elastic semi-scary clown who wants to hug the world and everyone in it. In a surprisingly very non-creepy way.

Otherland Review

Otherland is an ambitious MMO developed by polish company Drago Entertainment. Developed in the Unreal engine, Otherland boasts a lore-rich environment from the creative mind of Tad Williams, a highly acclaimed novelist.

Ah, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a most excellent game I must say. At first you get the idea that this is merely about a man, Geralt, who is basically looking for the love of his life. The woman who he loved so much in a previous Witcher game, only to lose his memory, hook-up with another woman and then […]

Highlands Review

Burrito Studio’s first foray into video games, Highlands, is a story-rich PC exclusive with beautiful hand-drawn art and a element of strategy mixed with resource management and RPG features. Originally Kickstarted just under under seven months ago, Highlands has managed to create a ton of interest with its unique title.