A Way Out Review

When A Way Out was unveiled at E3 2017, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Firstly, there are seldom prison escape games available, and secondly, games designed to be played solely via co-op are few and far between.

Lawbreakers Review

At first glance, Lawbreakers seems like a hero-based shooter, with 9 different character types each equipped with a different set of abilities and a role in gameplay. Each character has a unique set of 1-2 weapons, as well as a unique combat ability and a special attack/ultimate ability. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that there isn’t the same focus on […]

Rez Infinite Review

If you want to introduce gamers to VR, there are few better ways than throw them into a mind-bending, fast paced action game with trippy visuals. To keep it from being overwhelming, making it an on-rails shooter is beneficial. Such is the basic setup for Rez Infinite, making its PS4 and PS VR debut as a launch title. This is […]

Echo Arena Review

Virtual reality is capable of delivering a kind of emotional intensity we’ve never seen before in video games. It turns out our powerful human brains aren’t that difficult to trick, and even if we logically know things we are seeing aren’t “real” that doesn’t stop us from reacting to them as if they are. We’ve all seen videos of people running […]

Aragami Review

Stealth is something that has been integrated into numerous video games over the last decade, and over that time the term “stealth” has meant less and less as even the most basic principles of the term are ignored. Big budget franchises such as Assassin’s Creedall have elements of a stealth game hidden deep within their code, but it’s become somewhat diluted […]

Less than two months shy of its release on PS3, Fairy Fencer F is back with Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force exclusively on the Playstation 4. While not just a remaster, Advent Dark Force adds a slew of new features and gameplay options including three new unique paths to adventure through the game (with new endings), double the party size, difficulty […]

Starbound Review

Starbound is a new 2-D indie adventure game brought to us by the developers with the best logo, Chucklefish. No really, the game should be bought just to hear the Chucklefish laugh. Regardless, the game itself was quite entertaining. You start off choosing between 7 different races, each of which comes with its own unique set of armor specialization. After […]

Dying Light came at a time when Zombies were going out of fashion, The Walking Dead seemed to have peaked in its entertainment factor and you couldn’t browse a games store without finding title after disappointing title based on the undead. I always felt it was a shame that such an excellent game came just that little bit too late. […]

This generation has been absolutely full of remakes and updated ports, where what once was a simple success could live again on a more modern platform. With Sleeping Dogs, Deadpool, and Metro all seeing new lives in the modern age, one would begin to wonder when the doors would open for the hidden gems of the prior generation.

When Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak got announced late last year–technically 2013 if you consider it’s original name, Hardware: Shipbreakers–I was excited but also worried. “A ground based Homeworld?,” I asked. “A Homeworld that doesn’t take place in space, and has no third axis? It can’t be Homeworld!”. I can admit when I’m wrong, and thankfully…I was very, very wrong.